Frequently Asked Questions

Yamaha recommends that you visit your selling or servicing Yamaha dealership.

Use the Yamaha Dealership Locator at to find the Yamaha Dealer nearest your home. Simply select the product line service you need along with your zip code or address required fields and click "Go".
Your Yamaha dealership is your best source of information for all things Yamaha. If contacting a dealership is not an option you can contact the Yamaha Y.E.S. Department at 1-866-937-3983.
Yamaha is particularly proud to provide Travel and Recreation Interruption Protection (TRIP) with Y.E.S. at no extra cost. TRIP coverage helps take care of expenses you might have related to your covered mechanical breakdown, such as a rental vehicle while yours is in the shop or food and lodging if you're caught away from home.
In order to receive TRIP Reimbursement you must submit valid receipts for eligible expenses to the Yamaha dealer servicing the Y.E.S. covered repair.
You may cancel the Y.E.S. contract at any time. To cancel Y.E.S. coverage you must provide written notice to the Yamaha dealer who sold you the Y.E.S. contract. If you cancel within the first 30 days and have not incurred a claim, you will receive a full refund less a $25 administrative fee. If you cancel after 30 days or have incurred a claim, a pro-rata refund will be made less an administrative fee of $25. (see terms and conditions for full details).
Y.E.S. is a transferable contract, so you can transfer Y.E.S. to a subsequent customer. This leads to increased resell value for your Yamaha. It is required that a transfer of registration and inspection be performed by a Yamaha dealer.
Your product will still be covered by Y.E.S. However, any failure caused by the modification to your Yamaha, or defects caused by the modifications, will not be covered by Y.E.S.
No, Y.E.S. covers that particular unit. If the customer sells or trades in the old unit, they cannot move that coverage to a new unit.
Y.E.S. is offered in 12, 24, 36, and 48 month terms for most Yamaha products.
Y.E.S. is available for a wide variety of Yamaha products. Yamaha and Star brand Motorcycles, Scooters, ATV, Side x Side, Snowmobiles and Generators. Y.E.S. is also available for Yamaha marine products such as Yamaha Outboard Motors, WaveRunners and Yamaha boats.
Y.E.S. covers repairs for a mechanical breakdown caused by a defect or faulty workmanship from the manufacturer only. Please see the Terms & Conditions for specific exclusions.