Yamaha Extended Service

Benefits of Y.E.S.

Genuine Yamaha Factory Backed Protection: Get the quality and service you've come to expect from your Yamaha.

Travel and Recreation Interruption Protection: TRIP and tow privileges start the day you purchase your Y.E.S. contract. So Buy Y.E.S today!

Nationwide Coverage: Covered repairs can be performed at any authorized Yamaha dealership in the United States.

No Deductible: There are no repair deductibles involved with your Appliance Service Plan coverage.

No mileage/hour limits: Your Yamaha is covered no matter how far or how long you travel.

No Paperwork: Yamaha will work directly with your dealership. You won't have to file the claim or wait for reimbursement.

Save thousands on repair parts and labor costs: The cost of parts on one repair can easily exceed the cost of Y.E.S. Add Y.E.S. for peace of mind and enjoy your Yamaha even more.

Transferable: Enjoy increased value should you ever decide to sell your Yamaha.

Choice of Coverage: Choose from several coverage terms, all with outstanding genuine Yamaha protection.

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Yamaha Guaranteed Asset Protection

Eliminate Out-Of-Pocket expense by adding Yamaha GAP to your unit. Contact your dealer now to get started.

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Head out with the utmost confidence with Yamaha PPM. Regularly scheduled maintenance with Yamaha genuine parts helps reduce the risk of a claim being denied under your factory warranty. Don’t pay increasing parts and labor costs, purchase PPM today to lock in your lower cost and save!  PPM is only available at select dealerships.  

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Yamalube Advantage


Yamalube Advantage™

Yamalube is the ONLY oil “built around” the unique demands, operating characteristics and applications of Yamaha engines. Collaborating with Yamaha engine designers, our global oil engineers formulate each Yamalube oil from scratch, to be engine/application-specific and to meet/exceed industry standards like JASO MA. In other words, nothing enhances the performance or protects the advanced design of a Yamaha quite like Yamalube.

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